Major in Mgmt (Tech) for Non-BBA Students

The Business School offers the Major in Management (Technology) Programme ("Mgt(Tec) Major"), a Double (Second) Major as part of NUS' Special Undergraduate Programmes, for students from all other faculties and schools. This Major is offered in conjunction with the Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty of Science, the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, and the School of Design and Environment.

Students may be admitted to the programme in one of the following ways:

  • Application by invited students just after they had been offered admissions to NUS, OR
  • Application by students during their first or second year of study. 


NUS non-Business students will be invited, through their home faculty, to apply for admissions into the Major in Management (Technology) Programme in March/October periods.

To apply, students must fulfill the following criteria:  

  • completed at least one semester of study;
  • apply no later than the 3rd semester of their study.
  • have a CAP score of at least 3.5;
  • If they apply in the 2nd semester of their study, they must have completed at least two (2) Management Major (Technology) modules*
  • If they apply in the 3rd semester of their study, they must have completed at least four (4) Management Major (Technology) modules*

* The Management Major (Technology) module(s)

  • cannot be S/U module(s)
  • exclude(s) Substituting module(s) or module(s) map back from SEP
  • include(s) the Management Major (Technology) module(s) that they are enrolled in at the time of application

 (* Students who have withdrawn from the Double (Second) Major in Management (Technology) will not be re-admitted.

** The S/U option is not applicable to modules taken to meet the Major program requirements.)

Once admitted to the Mgt(Tec) Major, students do not need to maintain any minimum academic performance threshold in order to remain in the programme. Some Business modules have mathematics requirement as for BBA admissions.

The Minor in Management of Technology (MOT) Programme, which is jointly offered by the NUS Business School and the Faculty of Engineering, is a subset of the Mgt(Tec) Major. Students in the MOT Minor Programme may upgrade to the Mgt(Tec) Major (subject to meeting the admission criteria for the programme). Conversely, Mgt(Tec) Major students may "downgrade" to the MOT Minor. An alternative to the Mgt(Tec) Major would be the Major in Management.

Students in the Mgt(Tec) Major will bid online for all Business modules via CORS. Bidding for non-Business modules are administered by the corresponding faculties or school. Students should attend all classes (including any tutorials) for any Business module they are appealing to get into, else they might not finally get into a class even though the appeal is initially successful. Rules for appealing to get into non-Business modules are administered by the corresponding faculties or school.

It is very necessary for Major students to strategise well in order to be able to complete the Major. It is expected not to be uncommon for Mgt(Tec) Major students to run out of time before they graduate, and thus have to abandon the Major.

Due to severe capacity constraints, the Business School's Career Services Office would not be able to extend assistance to students in any Minor or Major programmes offered by the School.

To fulfill the requirements of the Major in Management (Technology) programme, students are to complete 12 Business modules worth 48 modular credits in total. 

Out of the 48 MCs, up to 16 MCs may be approved substituting modules taken while on student exchange programme (on the condition that the modules taken are graded modules at partner universities).  In addition, another 8 MCs may be substituting modules offered by other faculties in NUS (see Substituting modules).

Students may use up to a maximum of 8 MCs of their management major (Tec) programme modules to double count towards other programmes.

(Engineering Students reading this Major should take MNO1001 Management & Organization in place of HR2002 Understanding Human Relations in the New Economy).


(A) Completion of the Minor in Management of Technology (MoT) offered by Faculty of Engineering, by reading the following modules:


  • ACC1002/FNA1002/FNA1002X Financial Accounting
  • MKT1003/MKT1003X Principles of Marketing
  • MT3001 Systems Thinking and Engineering
  • TR2202 Technological Innovation
  • TR3001 New Product Development or MT4003 Engineering Product Development
  • MT4002 Technology Management Strategy


*Note: Please be advised that not all modules above may be offered every semester due to operational constraints.


(B) Completion of another six modules relating to general and engineering management, including:


  • DSC2006 Operations Management
  • IE4240 Project Management or PF3204 Project Risk Management 
  • Four modules from the following:


Technoprenuership (Biz):

    • TR2201 Entrepreneurial Marketing

Decision Sciences (Biz):

    • DSC3219 Quality Management or IE2130 Quality Engineering I
    • DSC3201 Supply Chain Management
    • DSC3202 Purchasing and Materials Management

Quantitative Finance (Biz):

    • FIN3118/FNA3118 Financial Risk Management

Management (Biz):

    • MNO2311 Leadership in Organisation (Taken before AY2010/2011)
    • MNO3303 Organisational Effectiveness

Marketing (Biz):

    • MKT3418 Product and Brand Management

Applied Mathematics(FoS/FASS):

    • EC4311 Mathematical Economics II
    • MA3253 Inventory & Queuing Models
    • MA4260 Model Building in Operations Research

Systems Engineering (FoE/SDE):

    • IE2110 Operations Research I
    • IE2140 Engineering Economy
    • PF3101 Project Scheduling & Control

Management of Technology (FoE):

    • MT5003 Creativity and Innovation
    • MT5005 IP Law for Engineers & Scientists 

Management of Information Technology (SOC):


  • CS2250 Fundamentals of Information Systems
  • CS3251 Technology Strategy and Management
  • CS3253 Management of Information Systems


*Note: Please be advised that not all modules above may be offered every semester due to operational constraints.

12 Modules 48 MCs


To ensure a systematic acquisition of knowledge as well as to maximize the learning experience, pre-requisites for higher level modules must be adhered to. Please check for most updated module descriptions at

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