Scholarships for MSc (Mgt) Programme

The program fees will consist of an acceptance fee of S$500 and a tuition fee of S$12,000 to be paid over two instalments of S$6500 and S$6000 respectively, once a student embarks on the MSc(Mgt) graduate modules.

The Business School will award about 10 scholarships (NUS Business MSc Study Awards) yearly of S$6,000 per half-year each to students who are active in Biz community, have Cumulative Average Points (CAPs) of at least 4.2 out of 5.0, have GMAT AWA scores of at least 5.0 out of 6.0, and have Total GMAT scores of at least 700 out of 800. Thus, scholarship students pay only S$500 for all the Biz graduate modules. Such students who further proceed to CEMS MIM will be awarded S$12,000 scholarships for the year in Europe.

The fees for the 8 to 10 graduate MSc(Mgt) modules (including any prevailing undergraduate fees) will apply for students to be admitted in the upcoming 2007/2008 academic year starting in August 2007. Fees may be linked to those charged for the NUS full-time MBA program, which see yearly increase; so students admitted earlier may pay lower fees compared to students admitted later.

No extra fees will be charged for MSc(Mgt) undergraduate modules that also count towards a student's undergraduate degree program. Fees for MSc(Mgt) undergraduate modules that are not double-counted elsewhere may have to be at unsubsidized level, in accordance to any university guidelines on tuition fees for Concurrent programs.

Students currently receiving financial aids for their undergraduate programs should consult their awarding organisations concerning whether MSc(Mgt) fees will be covered. From August 2007, many NUS-funded scholarships awarded to new students will cover undergraduate fees for the fifth year in dual-degree programmes.