1998 Achievements

Creativity, inspiration, eloquence, hard work and a flair for presentations, these are all attributes that are required to excel in business case competitions. NUS Business School students compare favourably even when they are up against international competitors from the very top Business Schools around the world. Here are some of the competitions and Businesss case winnings that our BBA students have won over the years.



Marshall International Invitational Case Competition (25-28th February)

Hosted by Marshall School of Business, University of South California

Competition Background

  • One of the few major university-sponsored annual case competitions in United States, eight teams from the top business schools were invited to compete through a case study on General Motors with specific focus on the Saturn Division and an US automobile industry structure analysis.
  • Teams were given one day to analyze the situation and provide business strategies for the company in a 20 minute presentation the following day.

Faculty Advisor
Dr Chong Chee Leong

Team Members
Lau Yi Chuen (Honours Year)
Don Hong Ghim Phong (Honours Year)
Pamela Phua Ai Ching (Honours Year)
Calvin Ng Min-Chiang (3rd Year)

Award(s) won


Best Business Idea Competition

Organised by the NUS Entreprenuership Society

Competition Background

  • An annual event in which a total of 30 teams took part that year to present their business ideas to a panel of judges, comprising of successful local entrepreneurs and academics.
  • Our winning team had since formed a company, Web Auc and is negotiating with ST Computers Systems and Services Ltd to help launch market tests. Joint-venture partnerships will be worked out in three months time if response is encouraging.

Team's Representing Business Idea
To create a Web site to auction computers and computer parts through the Internet

Team Members
Benny Wee
Samuel Siauw
It Yock Sern

Award(s) won
Top Prize


Ninth Annual Harold Crookell International Case Competition (March)

Hosted by University of Western Ontario, Canada

Competition Background

  • Competing teams had to tackle a case involving Samsung's attempt to establish a position in China's TV market. Given that SamSung's experience in the US market has not been a pleasant one due to poor market perception of SamSung's TVs, the teams had to design business strategies to deal with the problems presented in the case.
  • Final presentation of their strategies was made to the judging panel after two days of work.
  • Our team defeated two-time defending champion, McIntire School of Commerce and the European Union Team to lose only narrowly to Queen's University at Kingston of Canada. Nonetheless, the team has still marked another milestone for the school to be the first NUS team placed in this annual competition.

Faculty Advisor
Dr Lim Ghee Soon

Team Members
Kum Mam Sun (Honours Year)
Jeffrey Wong Wai Quen (Honours Year)
Karen Yip Lin Yee (Honours Year)
Soh Wei Keong (Honours Year)

Award(s) won
1st Runner-Up