BBA Stories

"I have competed in [case competitions in] seven cities around the world and grown in ways I would never have imagined."

Sean Ling
NUS Business School Alumnus, Class of 2017
Finance & Marketing

"Be likeable - that comes with humility, being genuine and being able to relate.
Hard skills can be taught but not soft skills. While results may be impressive, people are ultimately attracted to personality."

Liao Shuangwei
NUS Business School Alumna, Class of 2014
Banking & Finance

"NUS Business School is not just renowned in Asia, but even on an international stage."

Sharyn C. Poerwanto
NUS Business School Student, Class of 2018
Finance & Management

"The rigour and intensity of every module within the programme puts students out of their comfort zone."

Instructor Mark Gan
Department of Strategy and Policy