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Important Notes:

  1. Students are not encouraged to drop any of the pre-assigned modules.

  2. For enquiries on Module Registration and Allocation Matters during CORS period, please use the new Online Enquiry system. Please note to send in enquiries ONLY during the CORS period.

  3. Requests to swap modules (WHOLE allocated basket ONLY) are to be made through the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. email address. Please note that ONLY requests sent in during the CORS period will be entertained. You may download the complete mutual swap form here.

  4. For information on the NUS S/U policy, please click here.

  5. For information on the General Education modules, please click here.

  6. Students may read up to a max of 60mcs of level 1000 modules. Any level 1000 modules taken in excess of the 60mcs will not count towards the fulfilment of the degree requirements. Polytechnic students from cohorts before 2015, are given 12 MCs of exemption that count towards Unrestricted Electives.  These 12 MCs do not count towards the limit of 60 level 1000 module MCs. However cohorts from 2015 onwards, are given 20 MCs of exemption that count towards the Unrestricted Electives.  These 20 MCs do not count towards the limit of 60 level 1000 module MCs.  Refer here (under Advanced Placement Credits and Exemptions) for more information.

  7. For frequently asked questions on CORS, please click here.

  8. Refer to CORS Module Listing for the class schedule

Module Outlines

Please note that some of the information in the following links are derived from the semesters before. You may refer to them for the time being while we continually update the links with the latest information.

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Information above is accurate as at 16 August 2016