MSc (Mgt) Programme

About GMAT

    • If you wish to be considered for scholarships, a GMAT score of at least 700 out of 800 is generally expected.

    • Please refer to the GMAT official website ( more information.
    • In Singapore, the computerised GMAT can be taken at one of the following centres:

       NTUC LearningHub Pte Ltd
      NTUC Trade Union House
      73 Bras Basah Road #03-01 Room 3J
      Singapore 189556
      Tel: +65 68378356/57

      Pearson Professional Centers
      International Plaza, Level 30, Unit 3
      10 Anson Road, Singapore 079903
      Tel: +65 6225 2027

      Note: The above information is obtained from the GMAT official website (  Please check its website directly for further information and updates.

      Tests are generally available in the morning at 9 am from Monday to Friday and the second Saturday of every month.  The GMAT takes less than 4 hours, and can only be taken once every calendar month, for up to 5 times every 12 calendar months.  Seat availability for taking the GMAT can be checked online.  

      During peak periods, the earliest available test could be weeks away, so do not plan on squeezing in a test just in time to apply for the MSc (Mgt).  Even after you have registered for the earliest available GMAT test, it will still take at least 4 weeks before the Business School receives the official scores.  

      On the test day, before you take the test, you will be asked to name up to five programmes to which you want your GMAT scores sent for free.  Please designate "National University of Singapore" (GMAT Code: DRT-MK-19, MSc in Management)" as a score recipient when applying for the MSc (Mgt).

    • The fee for the GMAT is set at US$250 globally.  Please check the GMAT official website ( any further updates.
    • An MSc (Mgt) application may be submitted with the preliminary GMAT scores, i.e. the Verbal and Quantitative scores.  These scores are known immediately after a GMAT test. 

Academic Requirements

Graduating Requirements

  • There are instances where a student will not be awarded the MSc (Mgt) degree:

    Scenario 1


    Student leaves the MSc (Mgt) programme.  

    Student will be awarded only the undergraduate degree from his/her original faculty/school upon satisfactory completion of all requirements.

    Scenario 2


    Non-BBA student satisfies graduation requirement #1, but not #2 of the MSc (Mgt) programme.

    Instead of MSc (Mgt), a BBA degree equivalent to that awarded by his/her original faculty/school will be awarded.  Thus, the substitute degree awarded may be:

    • BBA with Third Class Honours
    • BBA with Merit
    • BBA

    Scenario 3


    Student completes the MSc (Mgt) programme but does not complete the undergraduate programme of his/her original faculty/school.  

    Student will not be awarded the MSc (Mgt), BBA or BBA (Honours) degree.

    Scenario 4


    Non-BBA student completes the degree from his/her original faculty/school, but leaves the MSc (Mgt) programme or does not satisfy criterion #1 for the award of the MSc (Mgt) degree.

    Some completed MCs in his/her MSc (Mgt) curriculum may be transferred to any dual-degree programme involving the BBA (Honours) or the BBA, or to the Minor in Management or the Major in Management programme, subject to any prevailing regulations governing such transfers.  

    Any such transfers may depend on whether the modules concerned were actually taken from the Business School.

  • The MIM degree will only be granted upon the successful completion of the MSc (Mgt) programme.