MSc (Mgt) Programme

Time Table

Modules Selection

BBA Students Non-BBA Students

Need to complete DKR before starting on MSR Level-5000.

  • Need to complete DKR Level-1000 before starting MSR Level-4000.
  • Need to complete up to Level-2000 before starting MSR Level-5000.

Some departments outside the Business School (such as Computing and Engineering) may suggest special groupings of modules that are especially suitable (and may save time) for students in their respective undergraduate programmes.  Details can be found on the respective faculty’s website. 

Continuation and Graduation

To be awarded the MSc (Mgt) degree, a student must have:

#1   a Cumulative Average Point (CAP) of at least 3.0 for all completed modules counting towards the MSc (Mgt) programme; 
#2   achieved a Cumulative Average Point (CAP) of at least 3.5 from his/her original faculty/school.

Students with a CAP of less than 2.5 for item #1 will be automatically dropped from the MSc (Mgt) programme.  Otherwise, students will be given a warning if they do not meet either item #1 or maintain an overall CAP of at least 3.5 for the undergraduate degree.  Students who receive a warning for more than 2 consecutive semesters will receive a letter of dismissal.

Modules taken for the MSc (Mgt) degree that do not form part of a student's undergraduate degree requirements will not be used to compute the student's undergraduate degree CAP, even if the student does not complete the MSc (Mgt).

The concurrent MSc (Mgt) degree is awarded together with the student's undergraduate degree.   In other words, a student may have to delay graduation from his/her undergraduate programme.

Change of Student Status

The student status described in this section is purely for Business School-administered financial aid and for other programme administration.  It may not necessarily affect the student’s official status with the University. 

Students who have been admitted from the School of Business and who have no more than 32 MCs left in their combined BBA (Honours) – MSc (Mgt) curriculum are regarded as graduate students.

Non-BIZ students who have completed less than 32 MCs of the MSc (Mgt) programme are regarded as third-year BBA students; those who have completed no less than 32 but less than 48 MCs are regarded as Honours-year BBA students; and those who have completed at least 48 MCs of the MSc (Mgt) programme are regarded as graduate students.


The maximum candidature for the concurrent MSc (Mgt) programme is 3 years more than the maximum candidature for the student's undergraduate degree programme with the original faculty/school.